Our Personal Tax and Accounting Services

Personal Income Tax Preparation

Everyone needs a quality and trustworthy tax advisor to maximize their tax return at the end of the year. Clark’s Tax and Accounting is your first source for trusted Tax Advisory and preparation service in our community.

Tax Planning

Let us help you understand how much your tax liabilities will be for the upcoming year, where your tax liability comes from, and review different strategies together on how to maximize both your short-term and long-term tax savings opportunities.

Budget Preparation

Do you feel like your money is out of control? We can sit down and help you understand what your income and expenses are and where you may be able to or need to start saving some money.

Financial Consultant

CPA’s are uniquely positioned to advise their individual clients through most major financial decisions in life. Retirement planning. Starting a business. Buying a Business. How much to draw out of retirement assets. Applying for financing a major purchase such as a home or business. How to handle an inheritance. When to retire. And many others. Many Financial Advisors are commission-based professionals and may have a conflict of interest in selling you a financial product or advising you. Consulting with your CPA can help provide you with piece of mind before entering into any major financial decision or transaction.

Financial Planning

Reviewing your options for retirement savings and sources of retirement income with a special consideration for tax implications. Most financial advisors are not licensed and insured to discuss the tax impact of your retirement plan with you, even though for many retired individuals, income taxes and health care are their two largest expense categories during retirement.